What is NetBrite?

You’ve seen us on Facebook, you’ve seen our web site, but still you find yourself asking “What is NetBrite?” Well let’s get to the bottom of this question! NetBrite is actually a lot of different things all rolled into one easy to use platform. Let’s breakdown and explain the components that make up NetBrite.

Content Management System

First and foremost, NetBrite is a Content Management System. A CMS is basically the shell in which you manage all of your blogs, images and videos. NetBrite’s intuitive interface allows even the most novice user to feel like a web designer. Most importantly, it is incredibly easy to create mobile-first designs with the drag and drop style editor. Create a web page in hours, not weeks with NetBrite.

Website Hosting

Because NetBrite is a cloud based application, we handle all of your web hosting needs. This helps us ensure that all web sites built on NetBrite run extremely fast. We work hard to make sure our servers are always running and backed-up in case of emergency. When you consider the price of NetBrite versus the price of most basic, inferior hosting plans, you can see how our plans can begin to save you hundreds over the course of the year!

Email Marketing Platform

Then of course there is the incredibly powerful email marketing tool built right in the dashboard. Create forms and build lists in minutes. Create gorgeous email templates that can be used again and again. Create special one time emails that go to everybody all at once, or automatic emails that are sent to your users on a specific schedule. Create your email campaign once and let it do all the work!

Social Media Management

Social Media has become the fastest way to get your message to the masses. NetBrite’s built in Social Media tools help you manage your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ messages and posts. Never miss an important message from any of your social media platforms. Schedule out your posts months in advance so you can concentrate on your day to day tasks knowing your social media campaign is working on it’s own.

Ecommerce System

Sell your products online with our amazing Ecommerce platform. NetBrite has several different options for selling and shipping your products. Have a digital product, no problem. NetBrite makes it easy to sell digital products safely. Create discount codes and tracking info for your customers all from the NetBrite dashboard… it couldn’t be easier!

Still have questions about NetBrite? Take the 14 day trial and give it a try!